At Rescue Phone we have combined everything we have learned over the past 34 years about what negotiators want and what law enforcement professionals need into this compact, easy to use and affordable module.  The QUAD handles all forms of telephone contact, digitally records the event and keeps command staff and SWAT personnel aware of exactly what is happening in the barricaded area in real time.


Two new features continue to make this the most sought after complete, negotiator telephone system.  We have added a built-in cell phone interface so you never have to spend time looking for a copper-wire, landline equipped, friendly house for your command post.  Simply pair your cell phone to the QUAD and you're ready to make the call.  And now there's a safer way to get a message from a family member or friend into the barricaded area.  Record the message, then plug the recorder into the QUAD TPI message input jack and push PLAY.  The audio message feeds directly to the throw phone, no background noise and you maintain control at all times.

The Rescue Phone® QUAD includes:

Rescue Phone QUAD module - Lightweight Plantronics Headset for the Primary Negotiator - Headset Mic LED Indicator with Full Range Volume Control - BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology Interface - TPI Message Input - 2 Command Speaker Outputs - 1 Command Speaker/Monitor - 3 Headphones and outputs for support personnel - 2 Recorder Outputs  - 1 Digital Audio Recorder - Pelican® protected Throw Phone with braided stainless steel cable - 1 Wire Spool with 1,000 feet of Telephone Wire - All the necessary plugs, cords, and adapters for set up.


The Rescue Phone QUAD is the heart of our Infinity System so our video systems and future innovations add to your QUAD rather than replace it.  It is sent to you ready for immediate use with a simple operator's guide.  No special training required.  All of the accessories store in the case, no extra bags to lose or leave behind.  Rescue Phone® is the only negotiator phone system in place and used by all 56 field offices of the FBI and the first manufacturer with a presence in all 50 states.

"Let a hostage negotiator ring your bells..."®